Help Documentation

Welcome to the Help Documentation for the Eyelab Image Database. Please select an item in the menu to learn more about that topic.

Creating an Experiment Create a unique webpage for storing and accessing data for a single experiment.
Logging In and Logging Out Log In to the system in order to perform certain functions that require particular permissions.
Defining Data Types Define the type of data you will be collecting for a particular experiment.
Modifying Data Types Modify the properties of the data types you defined for a particular experiment.
Adding Data Items Add data items to the database.
Querying for Data Items Find items in the database that match certain criteria.
Editing Data Items Modify existing data in the database.
Deleting Data Items Delete existing data in the database.
Copying Data Items Copy existing data in the database.
Creating Data Comparisons View data items in a format that makes them easy to compare.
Saving Data Views Save links to commonly used queries or comparisons.
Printing Data Views Format data to be printed to a hard copy.
Modifying Web Page Display Modify the way your webpage looks.