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Printing Data Views

Sometimes you may want to print a hard copy of the results from a query or a comparison view. The default data views are not very printer friendly because of the webpage header and footers, links, and color schemes. In order to create a more printer friendly version, a Printable Version feature is offered for every data view. The printable version:

-removes the webpage header and footer
-removes links
-changes the background of the table to white

Note that you can make additional modifications to how the webpage is printed by changing browser settings (e.g. Internet Explorere has printer options in the Tools Menu's Internet Options item under the Advanced tab as well as in the File Menu's Page Setup item).

To open a printable version of a data view:

  1. Create the data view you want to save by either Querying for Data Items or Creating a Data Comparison View. You can also simply open a Saved Data View.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Select the Printable Version link found below the table of results.

  3. The printable version should appear in a new browser window.

  4. Make sure the browser's printing options are set as desired and then Print.

If the printout is not is how you would like it to look, you can also select the table of results in the browser window, Copy it, and Paste it to either Microsoft Word or Excel. You can then make any formatting changes in these applications before printing and also save it as a file if desired.