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Querying for Data Items

  1. Navigate to the Experiment Main Menu for the experiment you wish to query for data.

  2. Scroll down to the Data Entry and Retrieval section. Find the data type for which you want to query for items.

  3. Select the Query link under the Actions column.

  4. The Query Page should appear. You may enter search criteria for any of the attributes. The following table shows how different attribute types can be used in a query:

    Type Will search for:
    Limited length string any value that contains the search string
    Unlimited length string any value that contains the search string
    Integer a range of values (between two specified values)
    Decimal a range of value (between two specified values)
    Date an exact match of date
    Option List a match for any of a selected list of values
    File a filename that matches the given string
    User a username that matches the given string
    Defined data type a label value that matches any of a selected list of values

    If the default for an attribute is not modified, the query will not place any search constraints using that attribute. In other words, all values for that attribute will be valid in the query.

  5. Select which attributes to show in the query results by selecting the appropriate Show? checkboxes. By default all attributes are selected to be displayed.

  6. Select which attribute(s) by which to sort the item results list by checking the Order By checkboxes. If multiple boxes are selected, the results will be first sorted by the first attribute checked, and then sorted by the next checked, etc.

  7. Click the Submit button to obtain the query results.